Faith, Hope, and Love…With Autism

“I would like to tell you about people who make good teachers. People who are nice, patient, and understanding make the best teachers. I mean to help the caring teachers be more effective at helping us. I owe a debt of gratitude to all my teachers. I love learning. I try to learn from everyone.  My teachers make my learning interesting by acting interested in what they teach.” – Phillip

Phillip is a student, who has found a way to express himself and communicate despite his non-verbal abilities. Phillip shares and important message for teachers and all listeners to not judge a book by its cover – that caring and understanding is the way to truly learn about someone.

Phillip’s blog sheds light on the issue of communication between a teacher or therapist and a student – where all can strive to find a way to foster better communication about what a student needs and how. Teachers and students who have effective communication and a mutual understanding and respect of each other, have a greater chance of success both inside and outside the classroom.

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